Artificial Briquette Options

Artificial Briquette Options

If you’re the proud owner of a BBQ or grill, chances are you already know all about natural charcoal briquettes. But artificial briquettes may also be an option worth considering if you’re looking to cut down on both cost and maintenance time. They may require less attention than their traditional counterparts, but it’s still important to keep up with regular maintenance when using them in your cooking routine. Read on for our tips and advice.

Types of Artificial Briquettes

Ceramic briquettes

Ceramic Briquettes

Ceramic briquettes are an important part of grill and BBQ recipes. They are ceramic shapes, typically cubes or rectangles, that are placed over the burner flame inside a grill. The briquettes heat up and help distribute the heat evenly throughout the grill chamber, creating an even cooking surface. This ensures that your food is cooked thoroughly while preserving its flavor without scorching or burning it.

Ceramic briquettes evenly distribute heat and act as a flare-up shield by absorbing grease drops to prevent them from igniting randomly on the grill grate. By using ceramic briquettes when grilling or barbecuing, you have greater control over your meal outcome and create tastier results as well.

Ceramic briquettes can lose heat over time and become a fire hazard. It’s recommended that grillers should change the ceramic briquettes once a year or after every 40 uses of the grill. Replacing them just once in the spring before your first cookout will give you peace of mind while also giving you delicious food all summer long!

Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are the perfect addition to your grill or outdoor BBQ. These volcanic stones provide great heat retention, allowing them to cook food evenly without drying it out. They also help to create a smoky flavor that enhances the taste of your dishes. Lava rocks also help reduce flare-ups, as they absorb fat and fat-based sauces that can produce flames when heated on a grill. With proper cleaning, maintenance and replacement, lava rocks will last for years, making them an essential part of any grill or bbq set-up.

Generally speaking, lava rocks need to be replaced once a year or so in order to maintain an optimal grilling experience. You can easily tell when it’s time for replacement by noticing any deterioration in grill performance or changes in appearance caused by oils dripping on the rocks over time. Replacing your grill lava rocks can help enhance the taste of your meals while also keeping your grill running smoothly.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles for the grill are an ideal BBQ accessory. These ceramic tiles are designed to enhance heat distribution, providing even grill marks and creating maximum heat coverage while allowing ventilation on the grill surface. This helps keep the grill’s internal temperature consistent throughout the cooking process and prevents hot and cold spots from forming.

They can be stacked under charcoal or arranged around a campfire, giving your grill an extra boost of delicious flavor. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth in between uses. So if you’re looking to give your grill a much-needed boost, ceramic tiles for the grill are a perfect choice.

Grill ceramic tiles should be changed on a regular basis. Depending on how often you use your grill and the type of grill you own, replacing these tiles can help ensure that your food is cooked evenly and safely. Generally speaking, grill ceramic tiles should be replaced at least once a year to prevent bacteria growth and any grill residue build-up that could reduce the optimum performance of your BBQ.

Regularly clean the tiles with a soft spatula on the inside to remove food debris, and then wipe them down with a damp cloth each time after grilling. This ritual helps maintain your grill’s fire resistance power while extending the life of the grill ceramic tiles.


Ceramic Briquettes, lava rocks, and ceramic tiles are all great options when it comes to artificial briquettes. However, it is important that you do your research in order to see which one of these would be the best option for your grilling needs.

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