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No matter what type of property you rent, manage, or sell, we take care of ALL
your BBQ/grill service and maintenance needs.

Do tenants or guests see a clean BBQ/grill or something
really nasty or dangerous?

DBBQC’s expert services give everyone peace of mind… NO more calls from tenants or guests saying –

“The BBQ does not work!”
“The BBQ/grill grates are filthy!”
 “The igniter does not work!”
 “There are rodent droppings in the BBQ!”
“The BBQ grill caught on fire!”

Are your service and repair bills too high because tenants and
guests don't know how to use a grill properly?

No posted grill safety or operation signs? We have easy-to-post Grill Use and Grill Safety signs for your apartment complex or hotel/motels
DBBQC has cleaning and maintenance discounts available for multi-property and multi-grill facilities
 Our affordable services keep you and your tenants and guests safe from liabilities, fire danger, and illness from dirty and contaminated grill

REALTORS - It's easier to sell a house with a clean BBQ/grill!

DBBQC will make sure the BBQ is 100% functional and sparkling clean before you even show the property or have an open house
Don’t ever worry that your prospective client will open a BBQ and see something awful!
  Give your client a Desert BBQ Cleaning certificate for a free cleaning at close of escrow
 While your client is looking at the property, put a DBBQC Gift Certificate for a free grill cleaning in the BBQ
 Quick response to HOME INSPECTION correction

Annual Maintenance Program available

Our Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) is available in 2 types: 2 additional cleanings OR 3 additional cleanings per calendar year
You choose the dates for the additional cleanings
 Discounts available on scheduled, multiple BBQ/grill cleanings
 For complete program details, call 760-902-0507, or email to [email protected]

We have ALL the services you need

◙  Our service fleet covers all of the Coachella Valley multi-property discounts and multi-BBQ/grill discounts
◙  We offer haul away and recycling services for old grills and patio heaters
We have a complete line of replacement parts, products and accessories available

“Cleaning was done this morning. It was a great job. I am impressed with the results.”
— Fred S., Palm Desert (June 2017)
“Thank you Steve. Your man, Juan(?), did a beautiful job restoring my grill and a minor repair. He was courteous, neat and a bit of a perfectionist, I’d say. I will certainly recommend your service to friends.”
— Paul G., Palm Springs (May 2017)
“Bob was amazing — I thought I would have to buy a new BBQ — now I don’t! In today’s economy, it was one of my better decisions to have you guys clean it.”
— Hal A., Palm Valley Country Club
“GREAT JOB! He not only cleaned it but repaired my igniter and my gas valve problem.”
— Pete W., The Vintage
“As you know, I had a fire in my BBQ because it hadn’t been cleaned in such a long time and all the accumulated grease just “blew up” — I never thought Bob would get it cleaned to my satisfaction. But he did and beyond!! Schedule me in 6 months every 6 months thereafter.”
— Fred S., Palm Desert (June 2017)
“My wife wanted me to clean the BBQ. I said “no way.” Bob covered me and cleaned it so well — even the food tastes better.”
— Jim H., Indian Ridge Country Club
Steve – Bob did an outstanding job here today. I’m telling the neighbors. Thanks again for a great job. The BBQ looks like new.
— Paul F., Rancho La Quinta Country Club