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Don't worry! We clean it in 4 EASY STEPS so YOU don't have to!

We’ll bring our customized trailer (parked in the street) with its heated, eco-friendly “dip tank.” We remove the grill parts and let them soak in this “steam bath” for approximately 2 hours.

We find out what's going
on with your BBQ/grill.

While the grill parts are soaking, your DBBQC Tech will de-grease away all harmful carcinogens, old bristles, layers of old grease from your BBQ/grill — anything that can transfer to your food or start a dangerous fire. Your Tech will also “rout out” the BBQ burners, which also contain built-up layers of old food, sand and bugs.

Everything gets vacuumed away…
NO powerwashing… NO overspray… NO MESS!

We perform a maintenance and safety inspection with every cleaning and give you the results.

Last step! We shine up your BBQ with our specially imported “English” cream polish.

We also provide preventative maintenance, parts servicing and repair, and installation services for ALL types of BBQ/grills.

 Push Button and Rotary Ignitor/Starter Modules
 Electrode Repair of Sparking Unit
 Flare ups
 Low and Uneven Heat Issues
 Temperature Gauges
 Gas Leaks
 Gas Regulators, Hoses and Attachments

Conversion of Propane to Natural Gas/Vice Versa
Propane Tank Exchange
Gas Shut Off Valve Install
Valve Repair & Install
 Temperature Gauges
Replace Burners
BBQ Install, Removal & Recycling Services
   for Old Grills & Patio Burners


This coupon applies only to new bookings made from July 01, 2024, and prior to July 31, 2024. Coupon valid until July 31, 2024. Limit one coupon per cleaning, and valid for one use only. Copies of this coupon are not accepted. Coupons may not be applied to the cost of parts shipping, sales taxes, or purchase of Gift Certificates. Any return of purchases such as parts, bbq/grill products and accessories will reduce your savings proportionately. No coupons, discounts, or offers may be applied toward payment of home installation of bbq/grill or bbq/grill accessories. Other restrictions may apply. Cleanings booked and scheduled are on a first-come, first-served basis. We reserve the right to correct any informational or typographical errors. ©2024 Desert BBQ Cleaning. All rights reserved worldwide. For more Information and to book and schedule call 760.902.0507. Visit

(For booking made prior to July 31, 2024)
“Cleaning was done this morning. It was a great job. I am impressed with the results.”
— Fred S., Palm Desert (June 2017)
“Thank you Steve. Your man, Juan(?), did a beautiful job restoring my grill and a minor repair. He was courteous, neat and a bit of a perfectionist, I’d say. I will certainly recommend your service to friends.”
— Paul G., Palm Springs (May 2017)
“Bob was amazing — I thought I would have to buy a new BBQ — now I don’t! In today’s economy, it was one of my better decisions to have you guys clean it.”
— Hal A., Palm Valley Country Club
“GREAT JOB! He not only cleaned it but repaired my igniter and my gas valve problem.”
— Pete W., The Vintage
“As you know, I had a fire in my BBQ because it hadn’t been cleaned in such a long time and all the accumulated grease just “blew up” — I never thought Bob would get it cleaned to my satisfaction. But he did and beyond!! Schedule me in 6 months every 6 months thereafter.”
— Fred S., Palm Desert (June 2017)
“My wife wanted me to clean the BBQ. I said “no way.” Bob covered me and cleaned it so well — even the food tastes better.”
— Jim H., Indian Ridge Country Club
Steve – Bob did an outstanding job here today. I’m telling the neighbors. Thanks again for a great job. The BBQ looks like new.
— Paul F., Rancho La Quinta Country Club